Nevada Best of 2005 Regional Animal Campus Green Building Project

Southwest Contractor, December 2005 – The central goal for this campus was to give the animals a sophisticated and innovative presentation, in an attempt to improve their chances for adoption. Another requirement was a sustainable design solution that reflected the client’s vision of environmental responsibility. To meet this objective, the project was developed in accordance with LEED Platinum level standards for sustainability.

The design incorporates wind turbines and photovoltaic solar cells that satisfy over 65 percent of the facility’s energy needs.

Skylights provide a balanced natural light source while a passive air ventilation concept maintains circulation by means of a solar chimney that draws heat from the facility. A hybrid ventilation system keeps areas cool within the building while diminishing associated animal odors. Potable water consumption has been reduced by over 80 percent through the reuse and recirculation of grey and black water that has been cleaned in an on-site water reclamation system.

“This project is an extremely important pilot program for green building in Nevada,” said one judge. “It not only showcases the animals, but also the concept of green architecture to children.”

Leslie Stafford

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