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American Contractor Magazine, Vol II, #3 -“We knew the kind of people we wanted when we put Tradewinds together,” said Kelly Cooper. “Our commitment to quality, value, timeless and excellent project management set the criteria for selection of our management team. A critical member of Tradewind’s success team is general manager John Martin, CPA. Martin’s experience in finance and construction coupled with a solid knowledge in development and growth, has given rise to the company’s meteoric success. John brings to the table experience and ability,” said Vilkin.

By keeping goals focused and simple, Tradewinds accomplished the enormous task of assembling a cadre of carpenters, roof structure erectors, framers and dry wall and ceiling professionals, bringing them together under one roof as employees of Tradewind’s one-stop-shop. Said Vilkin, “The concept of self-performing as a TI General Contractor was always a function for me in the beginning. As Tradewind’s grew, self-performing many of the jobs became our trademark.”

Not having to rely on numerous subcontractors leads to high levels of schedule control. Critical work performed by Tradewinds, which enables coordination and performance under a single project management team. Because they specialize in TI work, Tradewinds is not a primary general contractor’s competitor. “We serve them all well as a subcontractor, performing jobs of better quality and quicker performance with less cost,” said Vilkin.

No lost time for mobilization, less dispute resolution for contractors, fewer contractor orientations, and single point accountability keeps Tradewind’s clients asking for more. Today Tradewinds completes over 300 construction contracts annually.

Adding value to Tradewinds Construction Company is a major goal implemented by Vilkin since moving into their new corporate headquarters in the Howard Hughes Airport Center. Vilkin understands the need of employees in a growing company. “With more than 280 dedicated and committed employees working here, communications and participation becomes a primary concern,” he said.

Facilitating involvement through company sponsored events and activities, in addition to publishing Tradewinds Newsletter, distributed in Spanish and English, develops espirit de corp. Additionally the company sponsors contests for children of employees, employee sports teams, family awards for special achievements, and employee of the month awards.

Defining Tradewind’s role in the marketplace is a task Vilkin welcomes. With multiple scopes of work under one roof there is very little local competition and Vilkin develops awareness with marketing strategies available through technology. Tradewinds maintains a website at In addition, Vilkin understands the marketing process and makes it work. Tradewinds is committed to long-term specific market segments.

Tradewinds targets their markets, selects their clients, engages in client research, and plans for longevity in the process. “We’ve committed time and expense developing Tradewinds not only for clients, but for our employees, without whom we would not shine. Our commitment is long-term,” said Vilkin.

Finding qualified people is the construction industry’s greatest challenge. Tradewinds has met the challenge. Inherent in meeting this challenge is the quality of continuing training. Tradewinds offers only in-house seminars for employees; they provide craft training through affiliation with various training associations. Director of Safety, Paul Adamo accesses outside sources in certification programs for employees. “Whatever we need to do to enhance communications, the quality of work and productivity on the job for ourselves and our clients becomes a primary objective,” said Adamo.

For Tradewinds, accountability is the implementation of people programs, skill development, and use of technology that enhance image, productivity and reputation.

In the storm of inferior productivity one safe harbor remains. Tradewinds Construction performs with the highest professional standards, maintains quality performance, and delivers one-stop one-shop services not available anywhere else in Las Vegas. Tradewinds Construction Company is indeed a contractors delight.

Leslie Stafford

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