Special Projects

Tradewinds Construction is very experienced at working on projects of a special nature, such as solar power plants, ground up construction, and green building initiatives. The combination of our highly skilled craftsmen and in-house divisions allow us to tackle jobs that are off-putting to many other construction firms. In the past, we have worked on projects as diverse as the Nevada Solar One power plant, Robert Cohen Educational Campus, and the Animal Foundation campus.

  • Regional Animal Foundation Campus

    Tradewinds Construction was tasked to implement some customized and unique elements while serving as the prime contractor for the Animal Foundation campus. Chief amongst these were the custom air foils atop the bungalow towers that were constructed to remove the odor from the dogs’ habitats through natural convection air currents. These air foils were constructed on site by Tradewinds craftsmen. The towers act as chimneys and have louvered shutters that open and close depending upon the direction of the prevailing wind. The results are non-smelly dog habitats and a tremendous savings on energy costs.

  • CSA Service Center

    The ownership of CSA has a long-standing relationship with Tradewinds Construction, which led to them being solicited to build the company’s 32,000 square foot facility. The structure was designed by a Seattle architect to promote energy conservation. As such, Tradewinds installed the incredibly efficient and green DuctSox A/C system in order to cut down on energy consumption. Work on this project resulted in Tradewinds winning a NAIOP Spotlight award.

  • Solar

    Tradewinds Construction has developed special skills over the past ten years in the construction of solar fields for utility-scale solar power plants and has provided construction services for some of the largest solar power plants operating in the southwestern United States. such as the Nevada Solar One and SEGS VIII power plants.

  • Desert Torah Academy

    The Desert Torah Academy was a major project for Tradewinds Construction that included the demolition and removal of existing residential properties in order to build the academy. Tradewinds had to install or significantly upgrade commercial-level water, sewer, power, and road infrastructure for this two-story school encompassing a total of 75,000 square feet. The MSD division of Tradewinds self-performed all the wall and ceiling construction.

  • Torah Tots

    The Desert Torah Academy is a Jewish day school that was founded to provide a well-rounded Judaic and general academic education to the children in the Las Vegas area. Tradewinds Construction was selected by Rabbi Harlig to serve as prime contractor for this extensive 75,000 square foot facility due to Tradewinds’ and President Jeff Vilkin’s involvement in the Jewish community. Torah Tots is the pre-school within the overall school. The MSD division of Tradewinds was responsible for all the drywall, framing, soffit ceiling structure, and painting required to create a warm and welcoming environment for young children to explore and learn.

  • CSA Service Center

    Tradewinds Construction was tasked by CSA to build a state-of-the-art facility for CSA’s medical billing needs and to serve as prime contractor for the project. This 32,000 square foot center features a 12,000 square foot computer section, one hundred work stations, break rooms, training rooms, and administrative offices. This project featured a great many upper high end finishes and the installation of the innovative DuctSox A/C system.

  • Solar Field

    Tradewinds Construction was selected by the ownership of Nevada Solar One as a viable subcontractor for the assembly and erection of solar space frames utilized in solar thermal power plants. Tradewinds was selected due to our extensive expertise in both metal framing and panelized roof structures, and our ability to combine the skills necessary from both disciplines for the assembly and erection of parabolic trough space frames. Tradewinds Construction has been at the forefront of the push for renewable energy and has provided services for some of the largest solar power plants in the Southwest.