Wood Framing Projects

Tradewinds Construction provides many of the general contractors in the Las Vegas area with commercial wood framing and panelized roof structure services. Tradewinds is a local leader in this industry, consistently handling a large volume of commercial rough carpentry services for its many clients. The highly experienced crews of Tradewinds Construction have erected roof structures for big box retail and warehouse/distribution buildings that are common in Las Vegas and the Southwest United States. They have also provided commercial rough carpentry services for many large retail centers, professional office buildings, private schools, and churches. The Tradewinds wood framing division has also completed dozens of freestanding building projects consisting of multiple pad buildings.

  • St Anthony's of Padua

    Intricate and complex wood and metal framing lies at the heart of the St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church, named after the patron saint of lost people or finding things. Tradewinds Construction was brought on board by Burke Construction Group on this special project based upon their long history providing complex wood and metal framing. Their work was seminal in creating a space that is both warm and reflects the majesty of the divine.

  • Tenaya Creek Brewery

    The Tenaya Creek Brewery is housed within a building built in 1954, and Tradewinds Construction was brought in to create a new facade and bring the aesthetically pleasing barrel roof up to code while keeping its unique character fully intact. Additionally, Tradewinds performed all the metal stud framing drywall, interior and exterior paint during the complete remodeling of this facility.

  • Hughes Center Retail

    Tradewinds Construction was selected for the wood framing of this architecturally unique retail building at the Hughes Center.

  • Lazy Dog Restaurant

    The plans for the Lazy Dog Restaurant featured complex and distinctive woodwork. The general contractor was an out-of-town construction firm that was extremely pleased to hire Tradewinds Construction for this project due to the ability of Tradewinds to cover all the bases and fill in all the gaps that contractors frequently run into. One of the key aspects of this project was the custom wood finish work that creates a unique, playful
    decor for the restaurant.

  • Arby Retail Center

    The Arby Retail Center is a substantial project that encompasses 65,000 square feet between three buildings. Here you can see the early stages of the project. Tradewinds Construction was enlisted due to their extensive experience in hybrid construction, using both steel and wood, as well as their sterling safety record.

  • St Anthony's of Padua

    Tradewinds Construction assisted in the construction of St. Anthony of Padua, which was a very complex undertaking. Here you can see the placement of what would eventually be the exposed wood beams for the ceiling, but they are securely wrapped as Tradewinds took great care to protect the finish of the beams during erection and construction.

  • 3G Productions

    Alston Construction selected Tradewinds Construction as a “one stop shop” for the panelized roof system and all of the wall and ceiling framing, drywall, and paint.

  • Cactus Retail Plaza

    Tradewinds Construction was selected by one of the Las Vegas’ top general contractors, Breslin Builders, for the wood framing of Cactus Retail Plaza, one of the Las Vegas’ most recent retail developments.

  • Decatur Dewey

    When real estate developer and general contractor Carl Thomas embarked on the construction of his Decatur Dewey Phase 3 project, he called on Tradewinds Construction for the assembly and erection of this specialty 85’ long clear-span panelized truss component design.

  • Decatur Dewey

    No intermediate columns or girders were utilized for this project, and Carl Thomas, based on previous experience, once again selected Tradewinds Construction for the installation of this highly unusual roof structure.

  • Children's Learning Adventure

    Children’s Learning Adventure turned to Tradewinds Construction for installation of its pre-engineered structurally insulated panels or SIPS, for the complete exterior of their new Las Vegas facility.